If you desire increased air circulation, we recommend installing a turbine vent in the roof, one per 20' unit and two per 40' unit, or side vents on the walls.

What is the typical delivery ETA? Turn time is usually 2-3 days, sometimes shorter. It would depend on the modifications you have ordered.
We freshly paint all the containers before they leave our yard.
Unpainted and AS-IS containers are also available.
Providing the Highest Quality containers in the Northern California / Lake Tahoe Area since 1980.


Containers are usually steel construction with wood floors supported by steel cross members. The container sides are typically corrugated single wall steel. Aluminum containers usually have half high or full height plywood lining. Containers are manufactured with small vents in the top corners on the sides. These are meant to keep the container from being airtight and not for a great deal of air circulation.


Typical sizes are 8'6" tall, and either 20' or 40' in length (ext. dim.) We also carry 10' ,14' , 16' , 24' , 30' , and 45' lengths. ( For more information please contact us )

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